New Employees

Meet the newest employees at IGS!

This month we are happy to announce the following new additions to IGS:

August 2019

Hilde Erdal
PhD research fellow
Project: Hyperemesis gravidarum
Supervisor: Lone Holst

Theogene Habumugisha
PhD research fellow
Project: Nutrition policy and food systems recommendations anchored in the Sustainable Development Goals and Responsible Research and Innovation frameworks: Perspectives from nutrition, biology and ethics
Supervisor: Ingunn Marie Engebretsen

Guro Akre
Permanent position as adviser at SEFAS

Silje Mæland
Permanent position as associate professor in physiotherapy

Madeleine Lekva Økland
Temporary position as secretary

Elise Hellebø Haugen

Ole-Johan Juvik
Assistant professor (20 %) as a substitute for Ane Erdal

July 2019

We would like to give a warm welcome to Mahima Venkateswaran who will work as a Project Manager at CISMAC for the next six months.

June 2019

This month we would like to welcome Liv Grimstvedt Kvalvik back to IGS for a permanent 50 per cent position as Associate Professor. We would also like to welcome Marta Szwangruber, who will work as a Staff Engineer for the next eight months, and Sturla Haslerud, who will be employed in a 20 per cent position as Associate Professor in physiotherapy as a replacement for Mona Aaslund.

May 2019

This month we have the pleasure to welcome three new employees; Knut Eirik Ringheim Eliassen in a 50% position as Associate Professor, Pia Dreyer in a 20% position as Adjunct Professor, and Sidsel Ellingsen in a 10% position as Adjunct Associate Professor.

April 2019

We want to give a warm welcome to our new colleagues who started in April: PhD Research Fellow Hilde Ridderseth, Senior Executive Officer Anne Berit Kolmannskog, Associate Professor Ingvild Vatten Alsnes, and Researcher Anette Ester.

Welcome to IGS!

March 2019

We want to give a warm welcome to Researcher Jasmin Haj-Younes, Postdoctoral Fellow Carl Tollef Solberg and Senior Executive Officer Iselin Henriksen Kvamme.

Welcome to IGS!

February 2019

We want to give a warm welcome to Gro Tjalvin who is employed as Associate Professor in a 50% position as a substitute for Ole Jacob Møllerløkken and Eli Selback who is the new HR Consultant at IGS. Welcome to IGS!

January 2019

We welcome to IGS Lillan Mo Andreassen, (picture) researcher at FEST, Line Iden Berge, post doc at FEST, Tove Bjørneset, senior executive officer at PRAKSISNETT, Linda Stray Hoel, assistant professor, FAM, Satya P. Sharma, associate professor, FAM and Maarja Vislapuu, phd-candidate, FEST.

Welcome to IGS!


December 2018

We want to welcome back Gunhild Agdesteen to IGS. She will work as a higher executive officer in TVEPS. Elin Christine Gundersen has also started in a new position as a senior executive officer in TVEPS. We wish them the best of luck in their new poitions.

Elin Myhrvold takes over the HR work after Anja Bere preliminary, in anticipation of the announcement and employment of new HR consultant at IGS.

November 2018

We want to give a warm welcome to Trond Egil Hansen who is a new Assistant Professor (20 %) at IGS. He has his main position in Bergen Kommune.

We also warmly welcome Katja Isaksen as a researcher at the Centre for International Health (CIH). Her position is connected to CISMAC.

Welcome to IGS!

October 2018

We want to give a warm welcome to Magnus Vollset (picture) who is our new Associate Professor in Medical History.


We also give a warm welcome to Carmeliza Rosario. She is a Research Coordinator at the Centre for International Health (CIH).

September 2018

We have the pleasure to welcome Kirsti Nordstrand back to the department. She will start a new position.

She will be coordinating  the Department’s Studies Section.

Welcome back, Kirsti!



August 2018

We want to give a warm  welcome to  Hanne Keyser Hegdahl who is a new Research Fellow. She will be a member of the group Global Health and be part of our  Centre for International Health.

We also welcome Professor II Marit Grønning to the department. She has been employed at The Department of Clinical Medicine for several years, and she is now employed at IGS . She will be part of the group SAMLET which consists of community medicine, occupational and environmental medicine and health management, both nationally and internationally.

Welcome to IGS!

June 2018

This month we want to welcome a new Research Fellow to the department; Katrine Staats. In IGS’ organization she is a member of HELSEVIT (helsevitenskap) and connected to the Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine . You can read more about her project here.

Welcome to IGS!

May 2018

The Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS), will take place  June 11th to June 21st and we are glad to welcome new employees . Thera Mjaaland (picture) is employed as Associate Professor and Krishna Babu Shrestha is employed as an Executive Officer. In addition we have three students helping  out during the summer school; Elisabetta Radavelli, Francis Badiang Oloko and Jovita Amurwon. Good luck with BSRS 2018!

At the research group Global Health Priorities we wlcome new Postdoctoral Fellow Admassu N.Lamu!

We also have a new Research Fellow at our Centre of Excellence;  CISMAC in Mweetwa Mudenda. Welcome to IGS!

April 2018

We want to give a warm welcome to Frøydis Bruvik (picture) who is employed as Associate Professor (100 %) in Nursing Science. In IGS’ organization she is a member of HELSEVIT (fargområdet helsevitenskap). Welcome to IGS!



March 2018

We want to welcome two new Research Fellows this month: Kathleen (Stand) Hiestand (picture) and Sahar Pahlavanyali! Stand is a member of the research group Lifestyle Epidemiology and Sahar is a member of the research group for General Practice.

In the administration we want to welcome our new Project Economist Ane Kathrine Lunde. She has her office in Kalfarveien.

Last, but not least, we want to welcome back Ane Erdal to IGS. She is a new Assistant Professor and will be teaching in Social Pharmacy. Welcome to IGS!

February 2018

We welcome Inger Haukenes (picure) as Associate Professor! She started February 12th and she is a member of the Physiotherapy Research Group.

At The Centre for International Health we welcome Ana Lorena Ruano as as Associate Professor II. We also congratulate Ingvild Hope on her new position at CIH as administrative coordinator!

We want to welcome two new Research Fellows. Hogne Vikanes Buchvold started in mid-January and Marianne Lønnebotn started February 1st.

Kjersti Marie Blytt is employed as researcher on the project «Lysbehandling til sykepleier som jobber natt» (Light therapy for nurses who work night shifts). Welcome to IGS!

January 2018

We congratulate Catherine Schwinger on both her Ph.D. and her employment as postdoctoral fellow for three years. The postdoctoral fellow position is connected to our Centre of Excellence; CISMAC. In physiotherapy we congratulate Kjartan Fersum and Jon Joensen on entering into permanent positions as Associate Professors (50 %).

We also have some new faces who we especially want to give a warm welcome. General Practice has a new permanent Associate Professor in Lars Thore Fadnes (picture). Berit Øxnevad- Gundersen is new in the administration, in a position connected to the infrastructure project “The Norwegian Primary Care Research Network”. Another new face in the administration is Linn Jeanette Rundhovde Knudsen. Her position is Connected to the Global Health Priorities research group.

IGS has also employed 35 general practitioners as Assistant Professors. They will give supervised professional training to our students in medicine in their GP offices. We are very grateful for that. Welcome to IGS!