Upcoming doctoral defences – November 2019

Mahima Venkateswaran will defend her thesis November 5

Heidi Øksnes Markussen will defend her thesis November 11

Akeza Awealom Asgedom will defend his thesis November 22

Kathy Ainul Møen will defend her thesis November 28

Registration open for CCBIO903 Cancer research: Ethical, economic and social aspects Dec 2019 & Jan 2020 5 ECTS

Dagsseminar: Forskningsveiledning for ph.d.-veiledere 27 November

Upcoming doctoral defences – October 2019

Israel Paul Nyarubeli will defend his thesis October 21

Fakultetets utlysning av ph.d. og postdoktorstipend – Frist: 22 Sept

Application deadline for research stays abroad 25 Sept.

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PhD course: Gender Perspectives in Research – September 30

Upcoming doctoral defences – September 2019

Bård Erik Bogen will defend his thesis September 5

Lillian Mo Andreassen will defend her thesis September 20

PhDs in the news – some headlines from Khrono:

UiBs tilbud for PhD / postdoc-er som planlegger en karriere i akademia

General (useful) PhD links:

Graduated PhD-candidates from IGS 

Forskerskolen i samfunnsmedisinske fag
Research School for International Health – Mitt UiB: CiH PhD Research School

National research schools
EPINOR – national research school in populations based epidemiology
Norwegian Research School of Global Health
Norwegian PhD School of Pharmacy
NAFALM – nasjonal forskerskole i allmennmedisin

Upcoming doctoral defences – August 2019

Sverre Litleskare will defend his thesis August 22

Upcoming doctoral defences – June 2019

Anthony Waruru will defend his thesis June 28

Kjersti Marie Blytt will defend her thesis June 18

Marianne Kjelsvik will defend her thesis June 11

Anne Kristin Snibsøer will defend her thesis June 11

Endrias Markos Woldesemayat will defend his thesis June 4: «The burden of smear-positive tuberculosis in South Ethiopia: Risk factor and importance of followup of people with the risk factors»

Upcoming doctoral defences – April 2019

Ingeborg Forthun will defend her thesis April 29: «Maternelle konstitusjonelle faktorer og risiko for celebral parese»

Eric Somé will defend his thesis April 12: «Breastfeeding patterns and mothers’ health in an HIV context in Sub Saharan Africa»

Upcoming doctoral defences – March 2019

Gro Beate Samdal will defend her thesis 12 March 2019. Auditorium 4, BB-bygget, Jonas Lies vei 91. Trial lecture 10:15. Defence 12:15: «Behaviour change interventions in primary health care»

Ingrid Gjesteland will defend her thesis March 20, Olavsalen, Gamle Hovedbygning, HUS. Trial lecture: 10:15, Defence: 12:15: “Oil spill into seawater. Evaporation and human exposure to benzene”

Khalid Gaffer Mohamed will defend his thesis 27 March 2019. Lungegården, IGS, Kalfarveien 31 Trial lecture: 10:15, Defence: 12:15: “The Gezira Family Medicine Project (GFMP). A scientific evaluation of a Master program for family physicians in Gezira, Sudan”

Upcoming doctoral defences – February 2019

Temsunaro Rongsen-Chandola, February 5, 2019, Auditorium 4, BBB. Press release.

Linn Marie Sørbye, February 8, 2019, Auditoriet, Kvinneklinikken, Jonas Lies vei 72
Maternal weight, weight change and perinatal outcomes: Can physical activity and gestational weight gain modify the risk?

Upcoming doctoral defences – January 2019

Ane Erdal, January 10, 2019. Auditorium BUS, Haukeland. Press release

Upcoming doctoral defences – December 2018

Hilde Kristin Refvik Riise – December 13“Hypertensive pregnancy disorders and subsequent cardiovascular disease in Norwegian women”, Auditoriet, AHH

Angela AkolDecember 3 – “Challenges with improving access to child and adolescent mental
health services in low- and middle-income countries” Auditorium 4, BB-building, Jonas Lies vei 91

Vegard Pihl MoenDecember 6 – “Disability in patients entering rehabilitation centres in secondary care in Norway: A cross-sectional study of predictors and the relationships with sense of coherence and health-related quality of life” Auditoriet i Armauer Hansens hus, Haukelandsveien 28

Upcoming doctoral defences – November 2018

Peter John Binyaruka – November 7 – “Distributional effects of payment for performance in the health sector. Examining effects on structural quality, performance outcomes and service utilisation in Tanzania” – Auditorium, Armauer Hansens hus, Haukelandsveien 28. Binyaruka Peter John 07.11.18

Alemayehu Hailu – November 16 – «Economic evaluation of malaria prevention intervention: combining indoor residual spraying and long-lasting insecticidal nets; cluster randomized controlled trial in Ethiopia»  Aud 1, BB-bygget

Upcoming doctoral defences – October 2018

Janne Lillelid Gjerde – October 8 – “Chronic disease among women in a resource-constrained setting: The case of pelvic organ prolapse in rural Ethiopia” – Auditorium KK, Kvinneklinikken, Jonas Lies vei 72


Upcoming doctoral defences – September 2018

Christine Gulla – September 11 – “A Fine Balance: Drug Use in Norwegian Nursing Homes” – Auditorium 1, BB-building



Upcoming Doctoral dissertation defences – March 2018

Kristoffer  Myrstad Brodwall – Genetic Epidemiology  Research Group- March 9

Hilde Marie Engjom – Research group for registrybased studies of familial risks- March 15


Upcoming Doctoral dissertation defences – February 2018

  • Gro Tjalvin – Research group for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, February 2
  • Mieraf Taddesse Tolla – Research group for Global Health Priorities, February 9
  • Hilde Smith-Strøm – Research group for Lifestyle Epidemiology, February 16
  • Jobiba Chinkhumba – Centre for International Health, February 21