From Guri – December 2018


Although December may be busy, it is also gives room for spending time together as a Department. Two of the most important gatherings at IGS happen in December; the Christmas party and the Christmas lunch. Thanks to all of you for the contribution to the IGS feeling!

As the year comes to the end, I want you to know that I highly appreciate the efforts and the time you put into your work at IGS. I am impressed by all the achievements that this work translates into, in terms of research, funding, new teaching methods, better administrative routines – to mention a few.

 Now there is time for a time-out and recharging of batteries.

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas holiday!

From Guri – November 2018

As external funding of research is increasingly important, IGS will emphasize support to grant applications in the time to come. Together with the administration, research leader Ingvild and I are analyzing former applications to find patterns and decide where more support may be useful. In this effort, we welcome suggestions about kinds of support that you may find helpful.

Having said that, IGS already has a strong track record for external funding. This was proven again this month, as professors Ingunn Engebretsen and Bjarne Robberstad from Center for International Health (CIH) and Section for Ethics and Health Economics (ETØK) each received funding for big projects through the Research Council of Norway. Congratulations!


I look forward to seeing many of you at the IGS Christmas Party Friday December 14 – sign up today if you haven’t done it already! Invitation to IGS Christmas party 2018

Viktig informasjon / Important information

Til info,
Har du publisert i ein kanal som ikkje er registert i Register over vitenskapelige publiseringskanaler?
Publikasjonar registrert i Cristin, må vere i ein publiseringskanal på nivå 1 eller 2 for å gje utteljing ved NVI-rapportering.

Dersom du i 2018 har publisert i ein kanal (tidsskrift, forlag, serie) som ikkje er registrert, må du melde kanalen inn til vurdering.
Fristen for innmelding av publiseringskanalar er 30. november 2018.

For your information,
Have you published in a channel not registered in Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers? Publications registered in Cristin must be in a publication channel on level 1 or 2 in order to give credit in the NVI reporting.

If you in 2018 have published in a channel (journal, series, publishers) not registered, you submit the channel for assessment. The deadline for submission of publication channels is November 30.

From Guri – October 2018

UiB recently initiated a process to select and strengthen applications for Centres of Excellence (SFF) for the next round opening in 2020 by the Research Council. IGS already hosts CISMAC, and a few other environments consider applying in 2020. That a number of researchers at IGS are ready to take on such a challenge is encouraging and inspiring for all of us.

Bergen had the hope of winning the gold medal in football this season. Statistician at IGS, Øystein A. Haaland, made sure every Bergenser knew how to calculate the chances. Read more from BT.

After a Twitter discussion, we invited professor at NTNU and Rosenborg supporter Jon Magnussen to join us watching the decisive Brann-Rosenborg match and give a guest lecture the following day. A seminar on the unlikely combination of Brann and prioritization in health care was well attended, with Øystein, Ole Frithjof and Jon Magnussen as presenters. Although chances are less than slim according to Øystein, Bergensere still insist that “gullet ska hem”!

Last, but not least: Save Friday December 7 for the IGS Christmas Party!

From Guri – September 2018

Several meetings across the Department have been held in September.

  • At a research seminar, UiB’s representative in Brussels, Kristof Vlaeminck gave us insights into the processes for becoming an evaluator for EU calls.
  • On the education side, we had a seminar on the use of «Mitt UiB» for student portfolio assessment.
  • Last but not least, UGLE (the leaders of the education groups) had an inspirational meeting with DigUiB at Media City Bergen. Lots to learn, the possibilities are enormous, and the staff at DigUIB are eager to support us. Use them!

Alrek Health Cluster is now entering a phase where collaboration across different institutions will be more and more important. Initiatives are ongoing with regards to a couple of the master programs. The breakfast seminars arranged by Faglig Forum are well attended and I recommend them as a way to meet people with similar interests and to become inspired.

Remember: to sign up for the newsletter from Alrek Health Cluster, send an e-mail to this address


From Guri – August 2018

A beautiful summer is behind us, and I hope everybody is ready for work again!

The general meeting (Allmøtet) this week was well attended, and leaders at IGS informed about important topics: the upcoming communication plan and education strategy, research topics and risk assessment.

Last but not least, we discussed Alrek Health Cluster. The office spaces are mainly in place, and now follows the furniture plan, with far less user involvement.

However, the most important work ahead is finding common ground with our partners in the cluster and expand collaboration in education and research. Be curious and look for new possibilities! Check out the breakfast seminars arranged by Faglig forum – the next will be held Monday September 24.

To sign up for the newsletter from Alrek Health Cluster, send an e-mail to this address

From Guri – June 2018

IGS did very well in the competition for the Medical Faculty annual awards: Congratulations for best publication to Trond Riise, Kjetil Bjørnevik and Anders Engeland; for best research group to Global Health Priorities, led by Ole Frithjof Norheim; and to the teacher of the year Thomas Mildestvedt! The winners gave informative and amusing talks at the Faculty Day, giving us all reason to be proud of our department.

Last week we gathered Strategic Forum at IGS (all leaders of sections, research groups and teaching groups as well as coordinators at the  IGS administration) for a half day, discussing Alrek Health Cluster. Dean Per Bakke gave a talk about the faculty’s expectations to IGS in the further process, and we heard Bettina Husebø, Edvin Schei, Reidun Kjome and Siri Smith talk about their views on research, education and administrative perspectives for Alrek. We had good discussions, and IGS approach the holiday season in good steam.

Very good news before the holidays set in: The Research Council has renewed the contract with CISMAC, our SFF (Center for Excellent Research). Congratulations to CISMAC leader Halvor Sommerfelt and us all!

I wish you all a nice holiday!

From Guri – May 2018

May has been a month full of holidays, and I hope you all enjoyed it! One big event at IGS this month was the Department Day, which was very well organized by the research committee fronted by research leader Ingvild F. Sandøy. The topic for the meeting was implementing our research findings in policy and practice. It was a pleasure to see so many of you attending. You can read more about the meeting here.

After an intensive period of meetings and discussions about office space in the new building at Alrek Health Cluster, it is now time to attend to the content of the cluster. We are going to move in together with parts of the Faculty of Psychology, Uni Research Health, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences /Høgskulen på Vestlandet) and Bergen municipality. How can we strengthen our research and teaching through better collaboration with these and other partners in the future? This will be the topic for the upcoming meeting in June in the Strategy Forum of IGS, comprising all research group leaders, teaching group leaders, center leaders as well as the extended leadership group.

From Guri – April 2018

Thanks for the enormous effort with grant proposals the last few weeks! The Department has been buzzing with energy, and fortunately, May is fast approaching with several extra holidays.

Lots of energy also has been spent on the process with Mellomrom, preparing us for the move to Alrek helseklynge. Although we may feel a bit exhausted now, I am sure this will prove to be time well invested in the long run.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Department’s Day May 9 in the University Aula!

From Guri – March 2018

Lots of activity took place at IGS last month. The Education Seminar led by education leader Edvin Schei was very well attended, indicating how much our scientific staff cares for teaching. Students were among the teachers at the seminar, finding a receptive audience.

The Application Seminar led by research leader Ingvild Sandøy, also used a new method, as three researchers presented upcoming applications to the Research Council and received prepared feedback from two of our own successful researchers, Grethe Tell and Astrid Blystad, as well as a researcher from IBM, Nils Halberg. This was educational for the rest of the audience as well. Developing better application-writing skills is something all scientific staff need, as external funding is crucial for further growth of the department.

Additionally, two workshops with Mellomrom were conducted as part of the user process preparing us for the move to Helsecampus Årstadvollen. The process is challenging as well as inspirational, and will continue in April.

Best wishes
Guri Rørtveit
Department Leader

From the leader- February 2018

February 2018

Instituttrådet, at its meeting this month, decided that Fagområdene at IGS will receive an increased amount of money compared to what the research and education groups received last year. Please note that 20% of the amount must be used for activities that consolidate and strengthen Fagområdet as such. This was done to support these new constellations, without reducing the activity in the research groups and education groups.

A working group led by utdanningsleder Edvin Schei is currently working to propose changes in the former teaching account (undervisningsregnskapet). This may affect the way we teach if we arrange it wisely, and the leadership at the university level shows interest in the work. The education groups at IGS will of course be involved in the process.

Next month, the whole Department, except CIH (which will move back to Overlege Danielsens Hus later this year), will participate in the work station process preparing us for the move to Helsecampus Årstadvollen. This is your opportunity to influence your future work station! Please respond to the skjemaker request sent out recently. I hope as many as possible will participate, so that HCÅ becomes the work environment that we want and need.

Guri Rørtveit
Head of Department