From Guri – June 2020

Summer is here, after a long, cold, and strange spring!

I really look forward to the move to Alrek Health Cluster in August, although we must be prepared for a bit of chaos in the first few weeks. Siri Smith and the Administration has done a tremendous job, so we are as prepared as possible. Thanks, Siri & co!

August also comes with new students. Nobody knows what the corona situation will look like then, and all plans still need to be flexible. I know this is stressful. However, I am proud of what we managed during the lockdown, and confident that we have the capacity needed to handle the current uncertainty.

The pandemic creates new opportunities, and our Dean, Per Bakke, has started a process to establish a multidisciplinary Centre for Pandemics at UiB. The plan is to involve all faculties, with the centre anchored at IGS. Professor Esperanza Diaz has taken on leadership in the planning phase. This is exciting news, and I hope many of you will engage in the centre in the time to come.

 Meanwhile, I wish you all a nice, sunny summer and look forward to seeing you all again in August!