From Edvin – August 2020: The risk of education

Our task as university educators is to create circumstances that will allow our students, – gifted, motivated and trusting – to learn. Not just memorize, but learn to think outside of the box and create solutions to as yet unknown problems.

How do we do that? There is no cure-all formula. Good educators are curious: Who are the students, what do they know, how can we challenge them, just enough? And as we struggle with these questions, we change. Ideas emerge, we learn, we manage. And it’s never perfect, and endlessly challenging. Philosopher of pedagogy Gert Biesta captures the fate of university teachers in a striking book title – “The beautiful risk of education”.

I congratulate us all on an almost painfree move to Alrek helseklynge, where the whole building is constructed to help us learn, explore, collaborate and teach – within and across disciplines and organizations. Let us take beautiful risks together!

Edvin Schei
Head of education