Reminder of the weekly Friday run/walk!

I want to remind everyone of the weekly run/walk we have every Friday at 12:00. We meet outside Alrek main entrance and run/walk together in to Isdalen. You go at your own speed and as far as you want to yourself. We are usually back working again at around 13:00.

This run/walk is a good opportunity for you to be social with your colleagues, maybe even get to know someone you normally don’t interact with, get to see the beautiful nature on the way, and not to mention, it is a great way to get some movement and exercise in to your day. I also find it very fulfilling to get the energy boost it gives, every Friday!
This is a low threshold offer and everyone can join. You also do not need to participate every Friday if you do not wish to. Everyone joins as often or rarely as they want or have the opportunity to.

If you want to, or know someone who wants to sign up for the mailinglist to get emails regarding this, please let me know on