From Øystein – November 2021

Profilbilde av Øystein Ariansen HaalandDear colleagues

The end of another year is approaching, and we are all hopeful that 2022 will be a step forward towards getting back to our normal lives. People are getting their flu shots and Covid-19 booster shots, and on December 10th we will hopefully be able to have our first IGS Christmas party since moving to Alrek. Do sign up!

We will also have our first proper Christmas lunch on December 22nd, where again we will get to know nisseorkesteret and experience group singing of songs that are not at all suitable for group singing. I urge everybody to participate! If you have conflicting appointments you should simply reschedule (I can write you a note if that helps)!

I also really hope that our many colleagues and students who live in circumstances that are more difficult than in Bergen are doing well!

Finally, as education leader I would like to remind our excellent teachers about the resources of Læringslaben, who participated on our recent education seminar:

UiB læringslab:æringslab

Best wishes,