From Guri – October 2020

October has been an eventful month with the digital opening of the new building in the Alrek Health Cluster and opening of the new Centre for Pandemics, located at Alrek.

Henrik Asheim, Minister of Research and Higher Education, was shown around the building before a meeting about the new Centre. Also present were Rector Dag Rune Olsen at UiB and the Rector at HVL Berit Rokne, as well as our Dean, Per Bakke.

Presentations of research on aspects of the corona pandemic were given by associate professor Silje Mæland and professor Ole Frithjof Norheim. The presentations showed the need for a broad range of research, and the Centre is an innovative response to the pandemic. 

Norway is facing increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases, and we are requested to go back to using home office for a period, if we can. I hope to see you all at Alrek again, not too long in the future!