From Guri – August 2021

Welcome back from summer holiday!

The students are filling Alrek Health Cluster, and it is a real joy that at least some lectures can be given at the premises and not just digitally. The same is true for the general assembly (allmøte) and other meetings and seminars.

The corona pandemic is still with us, although the regulations generally are less strict than before. The balance between opening up and sticking to infection control measures is sometimes difficult. We will continue to do our best – as we have done for a long time now. Please ask if you are unsure what applies to you in different situations.

We will have several PhD defenses this fall, which is always a happening. The Faculty has now opened up for more people attending physically. Please take the opportunity to attend, as PhD defenses are important occasions for all, including the PhD candidate.

General Assembly 31.08.2021