Open Science webinars spring 2022 – University Library

Openness, transparency, and knowledge exchange are core values for the University of Bergen. Open science is important for the development of knowledge, to ensure the integrity of research and to enhance the availability of research findings. Through increased collaboration on and reuse of data, methods and processes the research process can be made more efficient.

The University Library offers open webinars in the principles of Open Science, and you are all welcome to participate! For more information and to sign up for the webinars, you can click on the links below:

Introduction to DMP (in Norwegian) (21.01.2022)
How to make your research data open and FAIR? (04.02.2021)
Finding & reusing research data (18.02.2022)
Making your research visible and open using ORCID (25.02.2022)
DMP workshop (11.03.2022)
How to make your research data open and FAIR? (25.03.2022)
Finding & reusing research data (22.14.2022)
Introduction to DMP (13.05.2022)
Open Access – step by step (03.06.2022)