Department Day 8th May/ Instituttets dag 8.mai

This year’s Department Day is 8th of May from 0830-1530 at Fløien folkerestaurant.


Tickets for the Fløibane will be handed out by Linda and Gunhild K untill 0825 at the Fløibanen City station in town.

You can take the funicular at either 0800, 0815 or 0830.
The majority should travel at 0815, because of place restrictions at 0830. Kinder garden kids have first priority on this departure.
You can also walk up.

  • If you are presenting a poster, you should choose the 0800 departure. Daniel will accompany you.
  • If you are arriving later than 0830, the next departure is at 0900. You have to ask for a ticket in the ticket booth. Tickets will be marked UiB-IGS.

Coffee and tea is served from 0830.

The theme of the programme will be “Health inequalities – what research is needed?” and the presentations will be in English. Program instituttets dags 8.5.2019

All PhD candidates are invited to take part and to participate in a poster competition with a poster that has been presented at a scientific conference in the last 12 months. Those who want to participate in the poster competition can specify it in the registration form. There will be prizes for the three best posters. The person who wins the poster competition will get a chance to present her/his poster for 5 minutes if she/he likes.

Since lunch will be served we need to know the number of participants, please sign up for the day here by the 28th April