Nye RCN forskningprosjekter til IGS

IGS gratulerer Thorkild Tylleskär, Bjarne Robberstad og Esperanza Diaz

Thorkild Tylleskär CIH/GLOBAL HEALTH:  Randomized clinical trial assessing balloon occlusion of the aorta for controlling lifethreatening postpartum bleeding in Africa Livsvitenskap Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO) 12 000 000 (side 17 under)

Bjarne Robberstad ETØK/HELTER: Implementing Post-discharge Malaria Chemoprevention (PMC) to reduce child mortality and morbidity among children with severe anaemia 326107 Global utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner Global helse 12 000 000 (side 19 under)

Esperanza Diaz, SAMLET/Pandemisenteret: Integration as a way to reducing health inequalities among forced migrants: A collaborative and knowledge building project Velferd, kultur og samfunn (VAM) 12 000 000

*Esperanza Diaz is also part of another new RCN project (10%): Migrant Women’s Participation in Labour and Labour Related Activities (EQUALPART)

Her er lenken:


Guri Rørtveit congratulates  the PIs and their teams!

She would also like to thank everyone who applied but did not receive a grant this time:

«I know it is tough doing all the work and get disappointed in the end. However, your hard work is much appreciated by IGS, and all projects get better through these processes. Don’t give up – we will cheer you on in the next round as well!»

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