Siste nytt om Plan S / latest news on Plan S in Norway

latest on Plan S (updated 4.7.2019)

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  • Ambitious open-access Plan S delayed to let research community adapt
    • Five key changes to Plan S
      • Plan S funders must enforce their rules on open-access publishing by 1 January 2021 at the latest, rather than 1 January 2020.
      • Funders won’t now immediately place a cap on the cost of publishing a paper in an open-access journal. But they say journals must be transparent about publishing costs.
      • Funders have tweaked the rules around hybrid titles and ‘transformative agreements’, which give these partly paywalled journals a route to becoming open access.
      • Funders pledge to ignore the prestige of journals when making funding decisions.
      • In some cases, researchers will be able to publish work under more restrictive open licences, when approved by the funder, than was previously allowed.

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Plan S: Viktig informasjon om åpen tilgang